The Point Of The Not Everlasting

I have an obsession with the eternal, I guess that isn’t so uncommon since people believe in an afterlife. But I don’t really believe in an afterlife, I want to, but I just lack enough evidence.

I have discussed with people how the universe is a startling coincidence with it’s ridiculous circumstantial configuration allowing creatures such as us to exist. That is SOME evidence, but not enough for me to start subscribing to organized religion and it’s ilk.

Back to the eternal, is there meaning with something as fleeting as a lifetime? In a universe that will eventually end? Finding meaning in a moment of time without focusing on the eternal seems like a solution for me. I have always had an obsession with immortality and omnipotence and so it is difficult to change this mindset that I was almost born with.

I wonder what people would say to me about their thoughts on believing in meaning in limited timespans?

Since this is my first post and I don’t know if anyone besides me will ever read this I hope someone comments with their thoughts.



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