Prototype global currency, I wonder if it will evolve into one that replaces current regional currencies and if it will eventually get government support.

I know it’s a libertarian’s wet dream, but I can appropriate it, because I’m planning on ruling the world one day.

Also, keep on seeing people in media that look like people I know/have met. I’m not sure it’s such a big deal, people do have doppelgangers.

Edit: I would like to add why I support such a thing as a single currency, it’s just easier to see who has what when and how if we don’t have to do all that pesky converting and deal with currency market changes, also if it can be stabilized really well we can replace the disaster prone currencies of failing or failed states. The problem would be governance of the currency, maybe make it a U.N. institution or something, another reason to update the security council (because this is not 1945) and fund the U.N. better.

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