If Marx was right about Capitalism eventually crushing itself, maybe all this global trade liberalization can set the stage for a truly global revolution to happen much more smoothly. Since the global trade liberalization and removal of borders can even out cultural differences if it includes a cultural component (it does). So the world will be culturally very Western (unless the rising economic powers in the other parts of the world start pumping out more monocultural components like Bollywood, Kung-Fu, and Anime). If only the “Clash of Civilizations” didn’t appear to be a currently active ingredient of international relations, mind you ISIS will eventually go away I hope.

2 responses to “Marx”

  1. One can only hope for a peaceful transition because collapse is seemingly inevitable.


  2. I wouldn't say that collapse is inevitable since I dislike the certainty of it, but there is obviously evidence that some of Marx's work was telling of the times we live in now. I also prefer the peaceful transition, I don't want to die in some bloody revolution, call me selfish. And even well intended bloody revolutions became more bloody over time if you look at historical precedent, they just tried to force something the world wasn't ready for yet, you could also argue that there were some bad people in the lot, a revolutionary band is less likely to have the psychological screening of a well seasoned establishment.


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