Stock Market

So if I understand correctly, the billionaire class can just invest in a company with billions of US dollars or what have you into a stock on the stock market and be a productive member of society knowing that in a ideal capitalist scenario this money will be invested in jobs, equipment, research, etc.?

So they can basically do a few clicks on a computer and control large swaths of humanity?

This is broken obviously, also in a 40 hour work week, how are people supposed to self actualize like our billionaire overlords? The billionaires who can be awesomely useful in decision-making with a few minutes of work?

Also what good is the stock market to the average person? It’s like bringing a squirty gun to a nuke fight..

Once again I hope people discuss this with me, but it’s awfully quiet here in my corner of cyberspace.

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  1. Hunter Yaworski Avatar

    Part of the many mechanisms of capitalism to make sure it is able to concentrate capital is the way the stock market functions. Its inherent to the system that we live in for it to be so, well, easy to exploit by those with the money to do so.


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