The Hundreds Of Millions Of Families in the World

I think nations are neat, but wouldn’t it be better if your family (an anti-authoritarian one ideally) were the center of your life?

Instead of only royal and bourgois famililies ruling the world, we could have a democratic united earth where all our families engage in politics together. Giving us identity through our own struggle?

Wouldn’t a family centered motivational matrix be a better way to have identity?

Family as my nation, not some state-centered nation. My family has been messed up by war, but I would not be alive without their support. The state belongs in the dustbin of history as well as well as grand nations as our primary identity, it’s unevolved.

I know there are those that do not have family because of war and economic cruelty, but you are welcome in mine if you read this, as small and messed up as ours is due to world wars. Just don’t mob me please, we are kinda small as stated.


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