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Something interesting to consider from issue #33

“The question that arises is therefore whether the alliance between the proletariat and the national bourgeoisie is necessary to advance the struggle for socialism or whether, contrary to this, that alliance would slow down this struggle. In Canada, as in Spain and several other European countries, the Communists do not believe that the main contradiction is between the oppressed nations and the dominant nations, but rather between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. In Canada, we reject nationalist speeches which perceive the main contradiction to be between the Indigenous peoples and the descendants of European settlers, or between Quebec and the rest of Canada. Adopting such a position, in addition to forcing an alliance of the workers with the national bourgeoisie, would imply that an intermediate stage of national liberation would be necessary before embarking on the struggle towards socialism. However, this intermediate step, in our current circumstances, would only strengthen the bourgeoisie of this or that nation and would present the danger of balkanizing Canada into a series of more vulnerable nations, which would therefore be more dependent on the US imperialists.”


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