Independent City Block Food Production

I shot this idea without a business plan to a bank once, and they said once I have a business plan I should come back to them.

But if humanity survives this current crisis of capitalism intact I think having a basic needs food production on your city block to make sure you are sustained without complex economic systems would be a great idea.

I give this idea to humanity for free, I doubt it was original, but it can’t hurt to suggest it right?

Also those residential units independent of the power grid with solar is a good idea right?

If only there were energy efficient ways of getting at water and soil maintenance resources as well as better power storage tech. We can’t afford to gamble on future tech though I would reason that may never come, best do what we can with what we have at the time. Still kinda hope those three problems will be technologically solved some day. (atomic assemblers are so dangerous since they can be weaponized and all that jazz)


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