From Someone On Telegram

“When I was in the zoo as a child, I remember the words of a teacher who said that people standing in front of a cage with monkeys and laughing at them do this because they identify themselves with macaques. Since then, when I visit the monkey houses, I try to keep as serious as possible.

Nothing is easier than talking for months about Johnson’s insanity, Liz Truss’s stupidity, Biden’s dementia and Zelensky’s hypocrisy. This is food for cartoonists, which is abundant and always surfaces. From this is born all the shapkozakidatelskaya stupidity and deadly narcissism.

In addition to the above-mentioned actors of the world farce, who are completely independent in decisions, an intelligent, convinced, calculating and deeply motivated enemy is fighting against Russia today, who has not lost a second all these tragic months.

Therefore, today it is so important for us not to laugh at other people’s men, but to approach the mirror more boldly and more often.”

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