My fear of fame has increased a lot lately. I see all these public figures being strange and alien to me in horrible ways.

Not enough fear of fame to scrub my online presence at this point though.

I think it’s important to be yourself online and some mockery of oneself

Using sensationalist tacticts in the interest of gaining fame and fortune is a terrible idea if you listen to my advice since you will become difficult at the very least to be able to present as your authentic self later on in the public.

I do have some stress already from being online at the levels I am, which is harmful to my person, though it is a decision I make with as many consequences thought through as I am capable of, including other people hurting me for being me being me.

I do have some private thoughts I don’t share just so you know, I am not 100% transparent at this point, and demanding that is a difficult matter for most people I feel.


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