Ideas Inspired By an RPG Source-book

I was reading a “dark eye” source-book on a culture inspired by the vikings and it got me thinking, could interlinked communities of about a thousand each (I chose this number because I figure it is about the amount of people you can know well enough to have a functional community, it might be able to go slightly bigger not sure) makeup our global human civilization?

I think even here where I live now I would like to know the humbly sized city community better (was going to join the community association, but then Mimi got sick so I am not yet sure we can stay here).

I don’t want some silly awful work-camp to be my home, this would be such a great change to how we function as a species I think.

I still like the idea of a global disaster relief force though for natural disasters if we can reduce imperialist warfare and therefore not need the kind of firepower our militaries currently have. Maybe have a base in every population centre so that we don’t have to send the young and able off to some far off place unless it’s a major disaster of some sort.

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