• A Prayer To Leave Behind In Case Of My Demise (this prayer may change as the years go by)

    May my addition to the world have been a good one. I need not be remembered. Though to live in future’s history. Seems a grand privilege. And something I would not shun if proven worthy.

  • Biblical Hebrew

    I want to know the torah in its original language lately, I love much of the little I know.

  • My Vision

    Humanity emerging standing strong and free from all the millennia of suffering.

  • Shogun of Earth

    I am currently feeling that if I could become such a thing my first decree would be zero tolerance of war crimes.

  • I might have tried to take soldiers away from morally bankrupt arms dealers

    So? I am better anyways. I’ll be a general, why not? Admittedly nerd general with no field experience does seem kinda stupid. Maybe general’s conscience suits me better? If there is one to appeal to I hope, you better not all be psychopaths.

  • I agree with Lenin on a lot

    But with WMDs in the picture the people need to be able to interface with the ruling class. I do not claim to know for sure that I am right about this, but it’s something I believe, since I abhor murder to be honest. And yes I am aware that the ruling class is guilty…

  • Chosen Profession

    I’d like to be an expert on Marxism, but can I be an artist photographer as well? I do love taking photos. But also I love to read/write. Now that I think about it I love doing many things. I mean as I learned to be credible you have to contribute something of meaning to…

  • The beginning of modern human life

    The beginning of life as we know it. I know I have been promoting the “human era” calendar. I like the calendar idea better that starts human dating with the beginning of caring for one another as year zero. I was introduced to this by a Chinese blockbuster film. Sorry to be flip-floppy on this,…

  • MEGA

    I was serious on twitter, I’d really just like to study Marx for a living. But I don’t live in a world where I can do this yet.

  • End the Occupation of the Sudanese Communist Party Headquarters Demand a Ceasefire, Dissolution of the Militias, and an End to War

    On May 25th the Rapid Support Forces stormed and occupied the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party in Khartoum, Sudan.  This fully armed military group broke down the doors of all offices and halls, carrying out extensive acts of vandalism, damage, and looting.   The Rapid Support Forces have continued their occupation and destruction since then,…

  • Tell Stellantis:

    We’ll Build a Publicly-Owned Electric Transportation System in Canada Now!  The Trudeau government moved down a dangerous path with Volkswagen in St. Thomas, Ontario, that’s set the stage for the current crisis with Stellantis in Windsor.   These are both multinational corporations whose goal is to generate the biggest possible profits, by paying the lowest possible…

  • Ideas Inspired By an RPG Source-book

    I was reading a “dark eye” source-book on a culture inspired by the vikings and it got me thinking, could interlinked communities of about a thousand each (I chose this number because I figure it is about the amount of people you can know well enough to have a functional community, it might be able…

  • Once Again

    I prefer peaceful solutions.

  • About My Original Character Designs In Some Of My Works

    I call it “Dragon-script” it is purposely left mostly meaningless to represent alienation caused by our current systems of ruler-ship in place. There is kitty in this particular painting I made though mixed in with the Dragon-script.

  • One More Thing

    Please don’t pervert my life with your strange elite machinations. I have learned as of late to be happy with what I have and have little desire to become some strange mockery of myself.

  • Love Your Community and Your Family Within Reason (certain exceptions may apply)

    I’ll shut up now.

  • Video Game Addiction

    Some of the most addicting art there is currently, but even that dopamine hit exploit won’t work in the long run unless you are disabled in that particular way. Young people should try and fight this addiction, it can lead to extreme dysfunction and loss of an ability to lead a serious life if not…

  • I’ll State Again More Clearly

    If one is clothed, fed, and is content. Why have a monetary system? People like to feel useful, sitting around in a room admiring art all day gets old! Feeling useful means people WILL work. And start with me on buying people, that will not work out in the long run. It’s not sincere connection!…

  • Fame

    My fear of fame has increased a lot lately. I see all these public figures being strange and alien to me in horrible ways. Not enough fear of fame to scrub my online presence at this point though. I think it’s important to be yourself online and some mockery of oneself Using sensationalist tacticts in…

  • Restating For Clarification

    War is always a negative thing and to be avoided. Your malthusian economic models that require blood sacrifices are false idols for progress at this point in history.

  • Old Entries On This Blog

    Some of it is no longer part of my psychological makeup honestly, and I would denounce some of the entries from years past at this point, some for being in dangerous humor territory and others for being politically naive or what I would now find to be plain wrong. If it’s important to anyone please…

  • This Blog As A Record Of My Development

    Even if not a single person besides me cares about my development as a person, I feel like it is wise to have such a record in any case, I am finding it fascinating going back through my older entries. So it’s a useful record to me at the very least.

  • Early Stalin Agrees

    You figure that inner self stuff out for yourself ultimately, doesn’t mean one can’t learn from others along the way.

  • Speaking Of Looking In The Mirror

    I know I have more to learn about Marxist Communism. I wish I weren’t so messed up that it impeded my studies so much, I miss having an iron focus.

  • Though This Blog Represents Serious Reflections And Thoughts Of Mine

    I do employ humor sometimes, which in hindsight I regret due to not being able to convey it in mere text form well enough. Also, some of my entries appear to be very misinformed by the time I write this entry, I blame a news service sector that doesn’t take its duties seriously to maintain…

  • From Someone On Telegram

    “When I was in the zoo as a child, I remember the words of a teacher who said that people standing in front of a cage with monkeys and laughing at them do this because they identify themselves with macaques. Since then, when I visit the monkey houses, I try to keep as serious as…

  • The Greek Source Of European Civilization

    It’s weird being amongst the younger peoples of the world, I have been known to say jealousy is a root of hate. Looking at China, Greece or Mesopotamia and more one should learn from them at the very least and not try to get revenge in this day and age. Though since atrocities are still…

  • Independent City Block Food Production

    I shot this idea without a business plan to a bank once, and they said once I have a business plan I should come back to them. But if humanity survives this current crisis of capitalism intact I think having a basic needs food production on your city block to make sure you are sustained…

  • Victims Of Capitalism

    Pretty much everyone I know is a victim of capitalism in some way, I am sick of being one as well.

  • Minimalist Faith is Probably Wise

    Don’t go overboard with that narrative if you must be faithful! I employ this mindset myself when in great distress.

  • Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

    That shit is dangerous to do, it affects the entire community when you diagnose someone from a community with this disease. Especially with adult onset, I mean beloved children turned into apparent monsters by psychiatrists depending on the community’s education level is fucking mind numbingly dangerous, I mean, my poor family!

  • If I Do Ever Take Over In Any Capacity

    Arrest me when I show signs of corruption.

  • Speaking Of Primate Behavior

    I hate that “cheating” in a relationship is a human trait. It has just caused me grief.

  • I Wrote This As Fiction Before But

    If the militaries always always rule the world so far then is it not conceivable that our entire narratives are just that? No news is good news for the military, they have fake wealthy people as things to aspire to to exploit workers greed that can be easily controlled by ruthless people who know how…

  • Short Auto-Bio Piece I Wrote, Might Add My Personal Diary I Started Recently At A Later Date

    I was born three weeks prematurely on the 31st of March 11982 in Jasper during a vacation my parents were on. Some of my earliest memories are from when I lived in Moh’kinsstis such as my sister’s birth and first seeing her when I was two. Other infant memories include the Challenger shuttle disaster, watching…

  • Reform Towards Communism

    Due to the major communist revolutions of the last century, the potential of such revolutions happening has been demonstrated to the ruling class. PERHAPS therefore there can be meaningful reform as revolution now in parts of the non-revolutionary world, though one mustn’t discount revolution entirely as an option since the ruling elite might not cooperate…

  • Truely Human

    If we don’t self-confess and express ourselves I’d make the case that a person that can’t do this is not truly human, also working is a form of self-expression but if not combined with the intellectual-artistic expression of the true self ultimately doomed to silence us if we live in a system such as capitalism.…

  • In A World Ruled By Men

    If women are treated as objects and not equals then how can we truly speak of crime in our world when women commit crime? Only people can be subjected to law I argue, so stop treating women as things! Unless justice is alien to you, in which case you are more psychotic than me. Speaking…

  • I want Mimi Back


  • I Would Like To Restate Something In A Different Way

    If you tell me to kill or hurt someone I love for a bazillion pieces of silver (or whatever form of stupendous wealth compensation) I will attack you with intent to kill.

  • How Communist Am I?

    When I see powerful Nazis of any nationality commit atrocities I generally fantasize about them being burned to death wrapped in a Nazi flag… I mean, I doubt I have it in me to do it, but I can dream.

  • Subscribe To Spark!

    Something interesting to consider from issue #33 “The question that arises is therefore whether the alliance between the proletariat and the national bourgeoisie is necessary to advance the struggle for socialism or whether, contrary to this, that alliance would slow down this struggle. In Canada, as in Spain and several other European countries, the Communists…

  • Funny Thing About James Bond

    Avatar of british empire, toxic masculinity, and excess wealth, sure. But he sure fights a lot of extremely wealthy villains.

  • You Call Yourself A Scientist?!?

    Entire sections of knowledge not available due to being communist? Not even studied or understood at any level? So many frauds in the western establishment that aren’t scientists but paid monsters for the ruling class. Tell me so-called scientist about how much you hate people for being born poor. Off to Uncle Vanya with y’all…

  • Marxist Synthesis

    You know, if I had the people’s support in Calgary, I’d just declare independance from Canada and hope that the North Americans don’t starve us to death or nuke us or whatever, maybe we should check first if it’s ok to leave as a city state, kinda have a peace accord where they don’t stomp…

  • Reasons I Show Solidarity With Soldiers/Veterans

    I know myself as a young man, that definately could have been me. I’d consider it hypocritical if I didn’t give a damn about people getting killed for dumb wars in an age of plenty by a bunch of god damned Nazgûl.

  • In The Year 12100

    If communism is realized I do look forward to the militaries of Earth being transformed into a disaster relief force instead of whatever monstrousities they are now.

  • Intergenerational Warfare

    I still think that this practice belongs in the dustbin of history, no one is born illegal!

  • The Hundreds Of Millions Of Families in the World

    I think nations are neat, but wouldn’t it be better if your family (an anti-authoritarian one ideally) were the center of your life? Instead of only royal and bourgois famililies ruling the world, we could have a democratic united earth where all our families engage in politics together. Giving us identity through our own struggle?…

  • I Take It Back

    Dr. Hawking was right, the human element needs to be maintained in civilizational function. Bots for doing work is fine as long as they don’t kill but in terms of running the civilization, bots and potential A.I. are a trashy way to deal with the running of humanity.

  • Mimi

    Wouldn’t have made it so far in improving myself without Mimi.

  • On Debate

    This blog does not consist of decrees, if you want more info on a post please debate me, I am flexible if proven wrong, also some of the stuff from days gone by in terms of my post content is no longer current within my psychological makeup.

  • Some Self-Criticism

    Regarding the entire body of my artistic ourburst on the internet. It was perhaps hotheaded, whether it was a poor decision or not remains to be seen. I’m sorry, I was VERY lonely.

  • Mimi Did End Up Losing Her Rights

  • For A New Political Science

    When I commenced classes after starting my path towards an undergraduate degree in political science at the university of calgary I was informed by an instructor during commencement that poltical science is the study of power relationships. Though useful, I feel that cold fact is the reason people get alienated from science when not a…

  • Unless I Become An Actually Informed General or Something Like That

    I am gonna try and refuse to discuss the news, once you see lies, censorship, and mutiple narratives I feel like I am not qualified to make any real analysis. I don’t know who to trust anymore. Too many power hungry people with an interest in selling arms is all I have been taught.

  • To Uspeakably Monstrous Nazis

    You filthied the Runes.

  • In Defense Of Some Of My European People Using Materialism

    I mean we got some super awesome tech when resource wars were real and not artifical, it probably added more to our war obsession at a volatile time in our development. Not sure this is original, but thought I’d share this thought. My advice is realize this and overcome warmongering.

  • I’d Like To Repost Something I Deleted From My Blog

    Biggest Big Name Influences: Frida Kahlo: For teaching me I can contribute despite my illness Friedensreich Hundertwasser: For teaching me to fight for peace and express myself radically Pablo Picasso: For teaching me to express myself in as many ways as possible Caspar David Friedrich: For teaching me to see beauty in nature Vincent van…

  • Anh Thieu Lao

    I think I hallucinated her after her passing recently, I saw her watching me outside our home, she was made of pure light. I don’t know what it means, but I hope she watches over us with her kindness.

  • Dangerous Situation For Mimi

    She is in danger of losing her independence, I wish for her to retain it.

  • Mimi

    Mimi saved my life. Edit: (I was in danger of becoming a bitter old man I figure, the kind that make the world worse, her love for me renewed my love for life)

  • Frustration With Undergrad Studies

    It is starting to feel like they are trying to teach me things I simply can’t learn very well or at all, not due to lack of intelligence, but due to the cruelty of some realities as they stand. Also not sure what the future holds for Mimi’s care, I was considering shifting gears if…

  • Repeating Myself

    Flags are dumb unless they are just a human “plumage” game, I won’t kneel to some dumb flag, our common humanity is far more important. Divided we fall.

  • Learning Through Playing

    It’s a thing.

  • Also Working On This

    Who liked the first one?

  • Started With This

    I have been working on an RPG world to play with Mimi in. I hope she comes back to us from her stroke event soon and is well enough to play.

  • Very Worried Right Now

    Mimi is in the hospital, I hope she’ll be alright.

  • My Life Goals at Eighteen

    I wanted to gain admittance to law school to eventually become a politician with some kind of law degree(s). In hindsight I sound like such a boring kid.

  • Dammit Certain Elements of Humanity

    Do you have to bloody weaponize EVERYTHING?!?!?!

  • Maybe

    After some more relevant education I might incorporate a company, we’ll see, let’s say if I’m feeling it I’ll do it. The time is not right now I think. It would be an entertainment company primarily trying to fuse cinema and video-games.

  • Athens and Jerusalem

    In dominant classical Greek thought the human mind can conquer anything given enough scientific rigor, in Abrahamic thought the human mind can conquer anything meant to be understood but unless one is a prophet one can not understand the divine from what I understand. I have been arguing that these two ways of knowing may…

  • Sorry

    For putting anyone in my circle in danger.

  • How Dare They Make Their Own Narrative?

    I don’t know about you but I don’t like being fed lies, people get hooked on so many story narratives that mean or say nothing. I was scrolling social media for a long time and I didn’t learn much from it besides that I don’t like it. But there are also these convoluted story rich…

  • Tristan and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

    Tristan mentioned to me the energy currency thing to me and that reminded me of the old 4x Alpha Centauri. An Energy expenditure based currency if implemented to replace the current world currencies (which would be difficult I admit) would show actual carbon footprints so quickly and we could curb reckless carbon creation due to…

  • Profit

    Profit worshipping capitalism is a religion, a religion that stinks. Don’t take my word for it, look it up, but at least communism is trying to be scientific with human welfare in mind.

  • Imperialist Wars Can Suck It

    I don’t care about your war historically unless it was actually just, like defeating genocidal maniacs. Bunch of fucking weapon selling fucks can go to hell. I mean I care about your war in terms of how much it fucked you over for weapon shilling swine. Is the second world war a social experiment by…

  • About My New Project

    The family saga thing just seems kinda neat, I don’t really believe in authoritarian family structures, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t come from somewhere, and some of that is important to me. I’ll try not to overshare, so far it is tiny anyways, it is supposed to be very short when it is done…

  • You Can Claim Whatever You Like

    But the fact that I was a member of Liberal Party in Canada was because of strategic thinking. I didn’t want to be fringe and be isolated, but that was a lifetime ago at this point. I wasn’t even a liberal. Call me names for being dishonest with my political affiliation and hating the conservatives…

  • Using The “Unceded Land” Acknowledgement In Some Of My Content

    I don’t actually support throwing out people who have lived here for hundreds of years back to Europe (though Shadowrun scenarios do amuse me). I just want to point out with this form of land acknowledgement that treaties were violently broken and there is justified rage in this entire state of affairs. Talk to me…

  • Mortal Coil

    You can debate whether I am wise or not, but when it comes to protecting my mortal coil I might be a lunatic. (sincerely sorry if that word triggers you, since I agree that we should have more sensitive language, but I feel I can use it to make this point)

  • Some Of The More Prominent Social Media

    I feel like they are designed to kill people sometimes by bogging them down with negative bullshit, putting up with it because you think you belong to the fake “metaverse”.

  • Uncoded Fame

    If my suspicions are correct, I might be pushing some people further than should be done. I apologize in advance.

  • Data cures medieval People like a Boss

  • ISS

    I really miss the happy warm feelings of optimism for the future when the ISS started, this new cold war posturing between NATO and China is so disgusting. ISS2 FOR THE WIN!

  • 6509

  • I Apologize For My Sheltered Early Life

    But I have learned from this that life on this planet can be great, and think this is the kind of world it should be for all.

  • Some Tweet Somewhere

    I tweeted something to the effect of “Christ died so you can be a monster and feel good about it because Christ died for your sins?” That’s messed up.

  • Sure Star Trek Has Flaws

    But it would be pretty cool if it ends up birthing Starfleet in some form. I have evidence it already has. #wearestarfleet

  • What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

    My reception in humanity makes me think I am related to Hitler or something similar.

  • Considering My Paranoia

    When I saw Emperor Emeritus Akihito maybe I saw that he was a tortured man, in the sense of the weight of the world still perhaps being unkind? Maybe due to my intelligence I saw this, but its just a theory, and became sick from seeing someone under that much duress. I don’t actually know,…

  • Note to Self and all my Readers

    I think I will never force myself to do creative output again (I don’t do it much anyways), I will attempt to only do creative making when I am inspired to do so. The reason I am writing this is I was considering incorporating a film studio, honestly, I don’t want to run a company…

  • The greatest show on Earth

    The day it is revealed it is all a show, that nations are lies, and the people in your life are the ones that are important. When we mature.

  • Self-Centered Pronoia lately

    I feel like I do actually have cashflow, but because I am insane it is being spent for me, since insane people shouldn’t be allowed to invest or something. I just hope my money is spent on gay communist Star Trek. Yes I pretend to be a Star Trek producer.

  • Stalin

    I know I said in the past that I thought “Stalin was the worst thing to happen to communism”, but now I see I have been blinded by capitalist lies. Under him the fascists were defeated. And so much of this Stalin bashing is just capitalists pointing yonder.

  • From One Of My Previous Blogs

    Hate leads to hate leads to hate, break the cycle!

  • Did You Know?

    I stole a Gameboy when I was a little kid.

  • During My Reading

    I feel somewhat silly opposing Marxist philosophy in the past at this point. I still think of religious narratives and their ilk as fascinating, but this “God Building” is a fallacy in my mind, I think dealing with our material world to be of the essence of human existence, and that a philosophy that is…

  • What Is Best For Me

    Freedom under capitalisms is impossible. Where the wealthy decide what is done. How we live and what we strive for. How we work and what we work for. The ballot box is a infantile delusion of any power. Why would you defend being stepped on? For a revolution empowering everyone over their lives. Having said…

  • Stock Market

    So if I understand correctly, the billionaire class can just invest in a company with billions of US dollars or what have you into a stock on the stock market and be a productive member of society knowing that in a ideal capitalist scenario this money will be invested in jobs, equipment, research, etc.? So…

  • Communist Me?

    I have been exploited in the workplace my entire work-life, fuck capitalism! I have never made more than current minimum wage. I have never been above the poverty line and I am a hard worker. Thx for making me life dependent on the charity of others, big thanks to people who make sure I get…

  • Life Is Unfair

    I think that it’s worth fighting for to make it as fair as possible though.

  • Snippet From “Prelude to Foundation” by Asimov

    (In regard to the almost total liberties granted to the capital world’s university system students) “I imagine, “said Seldon, “that it helps relieve pressure as well. They work off all the smug self-satisfaction a young revolutionary would have, and by the time they take their place in the imperial hierarchy, they are ready to settle…

  • If You Are Gonna Do War Do It Right

    Capability variety is good, especially when it comes to overdependence on IT tech. Make sure the force works without it too.

  • What You Look Like To Me

    If you want to exterminate/sterilize me.

  • Current Mood

    The media obfuscation matrix, since I could design one, it is doable. It *might* just require a lot of work. But ultimately totally doable. You could even target one person or a handful of people if you have enough control to prevent random encounters with people outside the conspiracy. Why? I dunno, like VIP protection…

  • The Human Species

    Humans better not be a bunch of massive sadists. I am worried my end will be terrible and at the hand of a sadistic species, I have temporarily lost my good-natured faith in people. I am frightened enough to kill myself. Though I have decided against it for now. It’s not like I don’t have…

  • ACAB

    I know I wrote I don’t believe this to be the case, but I am finding it more and more difficult to support the police in any way, even if small. The protesters in the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Derek Chauvin have left me siding with…

  • Because People Need To Know


  • My Mimi

    Has been lifting my spirits to new heights. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • The Volatility Of My Disease

    I feel like it is too dangerous to give me any kind of real stage so that I can be a part of mass media collage. What if I have a breakdown? Also I am pretty much a real life madman. It’s a stupid situation since I do want to be successful, admittedly everything I…

  • More Useful Contemporary Interpretation Of The Germanic Religion

    In this world everything is a battle of sorts, let us all feast with the gods.

  • I’d Like To Restate Something From My Old Blog

    Everything humans do for work is art! Ok, maybe the trashcan is just a trashcan. #WonderWoman1984

  • In Danger Of Being Dismissed By The Left

    Do what works! Don’t pose ideologically! Lean to the left, lean towards compassion within the realm of reason!

  • Darkest Paranoia Lately

    I feel like Calgary is actually a “humane” extermination facility made by the Nazi administration, humane because we still have some minor property but ultimately are doomed to being weeded out from the gene-pool, also humane because the fake media we are being fed makes us think people can be good and the Nazis lost…

  • Putting People In Prison Because We Are Cheapskates

    Read it, it is disturbing. https://catalyst-journal.com/vol3/no3/the-economic-origins-of-mass-incarceration

  • Upcoming Photobook Changes

    I am just going to print out a copy for myself for now as a fancy photo portfolio business card, due to the nature of my journal. If you want a copy please feel free to contact me.

  • We Going Through Divorce

    That is all.

  • I Think I’m Special

    Not sure that is a good thing. But when I hear “go to hell” I tend to fantasize about going to war against the forces of Satan. It’s kinda a smart-ass response. But honestly, who doesn’t want to wage war against the forces of evil? I mean, they be laying the hate on my cute…

  • Ásatrú

    l also like that being a soldier or warrior is not shamed but glorified. Personally I don’t want to be shamed for fighting to protect who I love. It may be over-glorified to be fair, but if you are wise you can find a balance I am sure.

  • Ancient Iceland

    Being politically pragmatic and anti dogmatic (with a seriously left outlook) I liked the anti power monopoly of the ancient Icelanders. Great Empires fall harder you know? I mean I have written about this before, I think the benefits outweigh the downsides of not being in a “great” or big empire. This is somewhat Marxist…

  • I Am Not Trying To Convert You

    Having said that, my mind seems to prefer Pantheons to Monotheistic Gods. I feel like in a religion like Asatru, there is more to relate to, and I find that important. Also it is less totalitarian a regime by far than in a Abrahamic setting. The Gods are flawed in Asatru and therefore have more…

  • My Child Self

    I unironically prayed many a night for my loved ones before I was about nine years old, that’s when I learned about the Spanish inquisition. I honestly miss the sincere praying, my prayers are no longer known to be heard like back then. The Spanish inquisition taught me that there are those in Catholicism and…

  • Musk’s Neurallink Device

    This device could be a great equalizer for the intelligence of individuals, we could all be genius level people. The robots could do the work that geniuses don’t want to do. #FALC

  • Short Entry

    I feel like a neural implant monitoring brain function is closer than the neurallink that Musk’s team is working on. I am sure the idea isn’t new, but that would be possibly useful for people like me, you could possibly have an alert system for cognitive disruption during a breakdown. I could be a more…

  • Photography

    I have decided to concentrate on my photography from now on in terms of what I do creatively, in my photo journal my latest entry will be the last for the year. I will still be blogging as well. I am planning to publish the first two decades of my journal as a photobook in…

  • Quoted From Catalyst

    Second, it offers a political program meant to directly appeal to the material interest of the working class. It is relatively straightforward to insert ecologically beneficial policies within the already existing movements around the decommodification of basic needs like “Medicare for All” or “Housing for All.” The climate crisis in particular is centered upon sectors…

  • M.D.

    You know with a medical team monitoring my mental stability every day I could function in politics I feel since I am usually stable.  

  • Hmm

    Can I really do social engineering like this and live a normal life? This is concerning. I am concerned, the fact that my Instagram and Twitter have about 100 followers each is kinda weird and concerning, something bad is coming. I mean positive thinking and all, maybe it won’t be ALL bad. But something is…

  • The New Breed

    Damn assassins, you won’t get me! (Does this mean I am like Stalin? I mean without the power but with the paranoia, also no genocidal intentions and such). In any case don’t vote for me, I am unstable. A new kind of human you say? Sure I’ll go with that, positive thinking, Alexander Frederick Roth,…

  • Revolution

    I like to say that violent revolution has nasty effects and fails, but we don’t see all of future’s history. Maybe those deaths weren’t in vain. I know it is a horrendous thing to say, but the truth is we don’t know if they were steps towards something better. I would still prefer zero casualties…

  • Since I Have Been Letting You Mindread Me

    I am thinking the NATO is trying to kill me or corrupt me or whatever, but basically they hate me. I can’t sleep. This better not be another breakdown, I can’t take much more of this shit. The breakdowns of course being part of the psychological torture by intel. It sound silly as I write…

  • Porn

    I wish I were a sexless being… Some of the stuff I have seen on the internet makes me wanna commit  suicide, no joke. Maybe there is a procedure to turn me sexless… Why did I expose myself to such things you ask? Because I like sex, because I am not sexless.

  • For A Future Without Poverty

    Honestly, I think that a post-capitalist socialist society would be slower to innovate and produce fancy goods for the average person. But people would be better off. The happiness gained from luxury goods is less important than your basic human needs, and we have those figured out at this point. I wonder how scientific advance would…

  • I Tweeted A While Ago

    I tweeted a while ago, to the effect of, that my schizophrenia might have been induced by the CIA or whatnot to discredit me before I even begin, is it really that far-fetched? A young socialist suddenly in Vienna looking into getting into politics, bi-lingual with a Canadian passport, I’d definitely show up on their radar. Also, I…

  • About The Way We Live

    I want to live on street where all my friends and family live. DAMMIT! I know a tiny amount of people on our street, otherwise our street is full of strangers. This is so dumb. EVERYBODY come move onto our street, I need you. I hate this god damned stinking situation.

  • Things Going On In My Life

    Still living the married life, that’s been good. Since I started this blog I was hospitalized thrice though, this summer I was in the hospital twice, all for psychiatric reasons. I ended up changing meds to abilify this summer, which I prefer, one of the major side effects is gone and I am sleeping like…

  • Have Been Working On My Photo Journal

    I have been publishing more of my early work, including a photo of Empress Michiko, the photo is nothing spectacular, though it was a great day for me. The photo journal currently has 287 photos, I like my photo journal, it’s a lot of fun for me.

  • I Am Struggling With My Spiritual Life

    I am afraid to be overly spiritual. Worry I might fall into a bad group. Also there is my teenage atheist self that is critical like a soviet of the whole idea, but I am starting to see that many things spiritual people do are wise, also it is good for ones mind to have…

  • Do I Really Suffer From Schizophrenia?

    I am not sure, but I do seem to be dependent on the meds, I do wonder if it is caused by external factors. If it ever turns out to be the case that I am not actually a paranoid schizophrenic, I would still advocate for people suffering from this disease. It’s awful. The reason…

  • Thx To My Wife

    I would like to thank Tammy for giving me ideas to work into my photography project. She’s the reason I started writing about my photographs and I really think it makes my photo journal better.

  • My Prayers

    I do pray. I don’t want to write about it. You might get the wrong idea.

  • The Lofynder Novel

    It’s kinda my sell-out novel franchise, but it still has more of my paranoia fictionalized.

  • Legacy

    I do think about what will be left of me after I die, and thinking I will be remembered does feel good. Maybe my work will be appreciated after I die.

  • About My Catholic Identity

    It is definitely a part of my identity, I was baptized catholic after all, I like some of the rituals and art it has created. I like some aspects of the moral codex. I no longer consider myself a member of the church. But I would call my self my own kind of catholic now,…

  • Watching Sports

    I didn’t always like watching sports, when I was young I in fact hated all sports for a long time and scoffed. But then once when I was a teen I went to a bar in Frankfurt during World Cup, I didn’t even know a Germany match was on, but the atmosphere and partying were…

  • An Open Letter To The US Military

    Speaking of unconventional war, it seems there is an economic war being waged on the average US citizen, who has to see his country torn up by economic interests that create a standard of living that is lower than before, with manufacturing jobs gutted and moved offshore by companies that are “American” waging this war…

  • Paranoid Evening

    I am thinking that the Nazi Scientist elite is slowly revealing itself to me awaiting my responses. Judging me, for whatever reason. And that they will be able to turn me like Anakin with the promise of something I can’t resist, or maybe manipulate my feelings to the same end. Maybe they will free me…

  • My Career In Film- Making

    So far brief, I have my vlog up on YouTube, I wasn’t too happy with it, but it has authenticity I feel, which is why I left it uploaded. I kinda pretentiously prefer photography to film and tv as one of my primary art forms because it’s more common and therefore represents humanity better right…

  • The New Gods

    My pantheon is full of fictional entities, like Picard. It’s equivalent to having a god picked out to worship in the antique world I think. Blast this primitive mind! But Picard is pretty dope. Word to my Deadpool worshipping nerds!

  • I Am Power Hungry, It’s Been 20 Days Since I Tried To Take Over The World

    That’s probably bad, I want to rule the world, honestly I would do good things. Hinotu from X 1999 is super cool, she advises the government with her visions trying to save the earth. I want to be like her, a super powerful person who helps the government from behind the scenes. Yeah, maybe that…

  • Cultural Imperialism

    I think that other cultures besides the dominant ones, especially the U.S.A and the U.K., should be able to compete. Maybe Hollywood can do work for other countries? The shock and awe cinema seems to be only for the big nations, we need shock and awe for all cultures. I want to see the cinema…

  • Marx And Co

    You know, socialist debate can often be so stale, it’s Marx this and Marx that. There needs to be new contemporary giants of socialism that advance the debate in public discourse. Considering technological advance it is necessary. Not to mention future technological advance. What is this, Sunday school for communists and socialists? Knowing the irony…

  • Hypocrisy

    I have been thinking a lot about my dual nature, or to put it more rudely, my hypocrisy. I want to be beyond such things as nations, but I like supporting my indigenous nations. I believe in animal rights, but I eat meat. I want peace, but I find militaries and weapons cool. I support…

  • Holocene Calendar

    It is the year 12018 HE (Human Era), you know, this should be adopted as the common year numbering system globally, it’s so much more elegant and not everybody in the world is Christian. Also Swatch Internet Time needs to happen, a global decimal time system with no time zones and no daylight saving time?…

  • I Have A Dream

    I dreamed that one of my paranoias was true, but it was overblown and extravagant. The United States was actually all Mad Max on the east coast, but nobody outside knew due to the massive media cover-up. As far as everybody was concerned everything was fine, until I took a train trip to New York.…

  • Strange Mood

    I am meditating, listening to calmradio’s native channel in the dark. I am wanting to just let go of my ambitions and materialist pursuits and just meditate a lot (sleeping lots won’t be a problem). It isn’t the first time I have been wanting to change key aspects of my life. Knowing previous patterns I…

  • Otaku Culture

    I considered myself a gaijin otaku for a while when I was a teen/young adult, but lately I haven’t been doing much to maintain this. I haven’t really liked most of the anime that is coming out sticking to the shows and movies I grew up with. A friend of mine commented that it’s because…

  • Something I Learned From "The New Yorker"

    I mean, the magazine does babble a bit, but that’s ok, who doesn’t enjoy escape literature? But something that stuck in my head was something that was written about the Bernie Sanders campaign, that he changed the debate in politics, and that is still a major contribution even though he didn’t end up getting the…

  • Progressive

    I dunno, I consider myself a communist of sorts, I believe in a post-capitalist society, but maybe I should just label myself as a progressive. I don’t need all the negativity that is associated with the term communism. What do you think?

  • Inspiration From Those Around You

    My biggest inspiration to become an artist and activist has been my father. I always loved his work as a musician and we would talk about politics when I was a teen, we still continue to talk about politics to this day. Photography was always present when I was growing up, one of my grandfathers…

  • Quoted From Jacobin

    “The effects of this on working-class consciousness and democratic capacities was chillingly captured by what a leader of a local trade union committee at the Volga Automobile plant expressed in 1990, just before the USSR collapsed: “Insofar as workers were backward and underdeveloped, this is because there has in fact been no real political education…

  • Wattpad

    I ended up publishing my book on wattpad for exposure. Maybe something will come of it. Here’s the link. This is not a Masterpiece

  • A Bit About My Family

    My wife Tammy is an educational assistant in Calgary and was born in Calgary as well. She is a full-time student too, she wants to get a job as a teacher after she finishes her education perhaps. She also tutors and works at a Leisure centre with children on the weekends during schooltime. Overall I…

  • I Wish I Were A Better Person

    I’ve been feeling useless, I still sleep too much and don’t help Tammy enough, I’ve been trying to change that, but I just feel like one more person she has to care for. I wonder if she will leave me because I am just another lump of flesh lazy good for nothing man. I wish…

  • Book Progress

    I have so far submitted my manuscript to eight publishers and have heard back from one (it was a rejection). I am hoping someone picks it up, if I can’t find a publisher I will self-publish eventually, but some of these publishers take months to respond, so, for now, it’s the waiting game.

  • The Reason I Am So Open About My Condition

    I was told that I shouldn’t label myself as “schizophrenic” by a friend because all my bios online include that. The reason I do it though is that I feel I can help reduce stigma and give a face to something that still has a mystique (often a negative one) in pop-culture. Though as I…

  • University Of Calgary

    I got accepted as an undergrad at the U of C majoring in Political Science, I hope I can get a degree out of it, maybe even a PhD. I am excited for September, I hope it won’t be a fruitless endeavour, though learning new things in itself is valuable so it won’t be wasted…

  • My Wedding

    It was a nice ceremony, with a few friends and family. I got married on the 23rd of July 2017. So far it’s been good, I hope it will be an enduring relationship, I feel like I can help in raise Asher and provide support to Tammy, eventhough I have a disability and am poor by…

  • Again With The VLOG, I Changed My Mind, The Last Entry Wasn’t The Last

    I have decided to start blogging again, I don’t like the VLOG anymore, I am noticing that my delivery is very stiff and wooden, I haven’t taken any acting lessons ok? I’ll probably film a last episode concluding it, I find I prefer to write than perform, it wasn’t so appealing to film after the…

  • More VLOG info

    I have decided to do the VLOG instead of this blog, so this may be my final entry here.

  • VLOG continued

    So I am quite enjoying filming the vlog, I switched to english in the second episode, if you haven’t checked it out, please do so. Up to four episodes already, but they are all under two minutes.

  • VLOG

    Started a VLOG on youtube, don’t know if I will stick with it, but it’s a fun project. I am speaking in German in the first episode.

  • Democratic Communism

    Why isn’t this a thing? An advanced communist ideology with the benefits of the respect of human rights, especially freedom of speech? I should start my own party and write a manifesto, but that sounds like a lot of work. I think after the Stalinist disaster, Communism needs a new branch to distinguish itself, both…

  • In Case You Are Wondering Where My Fiction On This Blog Went

    I archived the posts on the server, I will continue writing fiction. I have a collection of currently over 16000 words and am wanting to add to it and publish it as a book/ebook when I feel it is long enough.

  • Photography Project

    I had an idea for a photography project I can do, I want to ask Calgarian spiritual leaders about their thoughts about their religion and schizophrenia and get a photo of them with their attached thoughts. I should get some nicer clothes. Edit: I know I haven’t even started with this yet, but I am…

  • Kasperltheater

    When I was a child I referred to the government seen debating on TV as a “Kasperltheater” (from the German puppet theatre). I think this was telling that I was already somewhat paranoid as a child, thinking that the government was just a show to amuse the masses while the agents of the status quo…

  • If

    If I become financially successful enough with any of my endeavours, I want to open a photography studio. I want to take portraits of people. I really like good portraits and I would, in fact, be willing to pay a pretty penny to have good ones taken of me and my new family. Now I…

  • The Post State World

    I think patriotism is even too strong an emotion for one’s fatherland/motherland, it’s so outdated. I mean can’t we just be like a global sports league and have teams that we cheer for, why does it have to be so noble to be a patriot, I think it is more important to love one’s fellow humans…

  • Are People Really That Different?

    It must be the case that humans are actually quite different to each other, what seems intuitive to me politically is obviously not what lots of people think. I didn’t grow up in a household that was socialist or anything like that, I am not emulating things from my childhood, what makes me such a…

  • Update To People Who Read This Blog

    I no longer live alone, I moved in with my fiance and her son. It’s definitely less lonely and that is good, but her son sure is a handful. I had a psychotic break in the summer and wound up in the mental ward again, it was a bummer. I am now on an increased…

  • One Of The Reasons Why My Blogs Keep Disappearing

    I dunno, I have mentioned that I was all conflicted about my national identity and so on. Screw national identity, I want to be a human first. It’s really just like a fashion choice, I have stated that I didn’t think of “Garfield” for example as American when I was a child, it was just…

  • My Mind

    It’s strange how the mind works, as mentioned I do believe there is more meaning to existence than is readily visible. I am not a bible thumper by any stretch of the imagination though, since I have had no holy visions and won’t take another person’s word for what religion or mythology have true stories. It was…

  • Resiliency

    I worry too much about my future I feel, I mean to worry about it all is obviously smart, but I worry all the time. I worry if I will ever have anything resembling a career, and honestly I don’t really need one to get by, it would be good for my self-worth and all, but…

  • Twitter

    The first U.S. VP debate was streamed live on twitter, please twitter do more of this, you should have sport events and more on twitter live, for a fee of course. Oh yeah, the debate, it seems the basic defense for Trump’s outbursts seems to be that he doesn’t mean it and he isn’t a…

  • Realists

    I do worry that realists have it all figured out and I am just a naive idealist hoping that basic human nature doesn’t always triumph in everything. Darwin depresses me, I have to believe that people can be nice, maybe if the elite weren’t so greedy people could be free to be nicer. Things like…

  • Marx

    If Marx was right about Capitalism eventually crushing itself, maybe all this global trade liberalization can set the stage for a truly global revolution to happen much more smoothly. Since the global trade liberalization and removal of borders can even out cultural differences if it includes a cultural component (it does). So the world will…

  • Voting For Trump Sends The Wrong Message

    If Trump is elected President, it will just embolden the kind of people who like the kind of racist xenophobic filth that spews from his mouth.

  • The Problem With Politics Online In Its Current State

    There are just too many anarchist hackers! Imagine an election being hacked! That would be a disaster! Also people still make too many snap judgements when dealing with online activity.

  • There Should Be A Superhero That Takes On All The Supervillains Ever Created

    And it should be a tiny girl.

  • Political Participation

    I think letter writing campaign and petitions accessible from the computer are a good way to keep individuals interested in politics. Online media also helps giving people an ability to feel like they matter no matter how small the situation. Accepting micro donations from the computer also helps people keep their interest since they can…

  • I Agree With PC Gamer

    The VR headsets need to be more convenient to get mass market appeal. These wires gotta go and they have to be lighter.

  • Things To Do Whilst Thinking

    I like to think while I am doing certain things, one weird thing that helped me have a very intense thought process was watching multiple entertainment video streams at once, my mind was drawing independent conclusions while being stimulated, ironic considering video entertainment is often used to numb the higher thought process. It was related…

  • Taking Advantage Of Human Aggression For Productiveness

    I feel that all this aggression in media serves as a substitute motivator to get people working. #Illuminati

  • You Know?

    Internet piracy wasn’t illegal when I started it.

  • Animation Is Superior

    It minimizes celebrity worship!

  • More About My Fascination With Germanic Mythology

    I love that there is a dialogue and sharing of power with gods. Not just a totalitarian regime.

  • Script

    Casey and I are working on a film script. It’s about our conversations and our Friendship.

  • Bumpy Ride

    On my way to Mom’s on public transit, still haven’t caught the latest lrt model, oops just missed my station.

  • Being A Marvel Fan

    I do believe that mixing up mythologies is wise and useful in the interests of religious harmony.

  • Germanic Mythology

    I find it strange that the Catholic Church is possessive of me though I seek truth in the ancient Germanic Mythology. I would consider myself someone who believes in the Germanic Gods before the Catholic God. And I am a peaceful person at heart. So I renounce my Catholicism! Hopefully nothing bad will happen because…

  • Cowboy Bebop

    The 20th Century needs to rest in peace.

  • End Of The Cold War?

    The more and more I look at the news I realize that the Cold War isn’t over, the opponents have just shrouded under new flags and Rhetoric.

  • Merry Otafest!

    Have all the smartwatches

  • Poverty As A Crime

    I do hope we can grow beyond systems that treat people who are poor as having “deserved” it. There are so many examples of elites participating in criminal activity, so there is little room for saying that the elite was born better, though some elite crimes (like criminalizing the poor) are not punishable offenses (unless…

  • Living Below The Current Canadian Poverty Line

    The reasons I don’t consider myself poor are that I don’t have to worry about shelter, food, and I can speak my mind openly without fear of the government punishing me, well unless I have a psychotic break and start spouting nonsense. I also have my own place (admittedly I rent, so I can get…

  • Tuition

    I had a government student loan in Canada and it didn’t cover all the costs associated with going to University. What gives? They expect you to do a full course load and have a job? The student loan debt is bad enough, it should at least work properly. Why can’t everywhere be like Germany? No…

  • Primitivism

    All this political primitivism, the Brexit is just a sign of this reawakening of national sovereignty movements winning against the progressive regional movements. It’s a return to old ways of doing politics, even though the E.U. is flawed as it stands it is still better than this small-minded nonsense. It has decent separation of power…

  • A German Epic

    The unification of the German State in the late 19th century was a good thing. We get all these high production value movies about how awful we were in the NS period, why not make a movie to make us feel good about ourselves? Maybe it’s too early though.

  • Credibility

    I am sad, I think the fact that I am schizophrenic just harms any cause I take up if I get noticed by the masses. Maybe it’s best if I stay in the margins.

  • Starship Troopers

    As a hive mind I think we take orders sometimes from other species, we communicate with each other. It’s weird but I am an animal friend so I think it makes things more interesting. And since we are cooperating between species we might as well be diplomatic to improve relations and resource extraction. Even if…

  • I Have Dark Thoughts

    As a response to Doom I want to invade hell with the fallen SS. It’s how I fight demons. I’d totally commission that video game.

  • The Novel I Was Working On

    I turned it into a short story, I didn’t want to drone on.

  • Neo-Nazis

    They are basically a militia, and they are so god damned inhospitable, they are so bad for business and I am so angry about it. If they love the Fatherland so much why are they hurting it? Stupid brutes! If they want to fight so much they should join the military and actually get a…

  • Wars Over Resources

    In the developed world we have enough now, these wars should be obsolete. I am actually not sure this is true.

  • I Feel Like An Asshole For Feeling Like This

    After I lost my fiancee I feel like I could lose anybody and it would barely register. I wish I didn’t tick like that. I would still care, but I wouldn’t be devastated. Edit: Not sure that is true anymore.

  • Sorry If I Repeat Myself

  • I Do Take Money Seriously

    If you don’t respect it it’s gone. Mind you I enjoyed being a child and having it spent for me. I kinda want a personal Banker to control my spending so I eat better, stupid cigarettes.

  • Positive Racism

    The problem with it is that people will pre-judge people based on positive stereotypes. It’s still always best to see the individual first.

  • Book I Was Reading

    I have been reading “From Dawn to Decadence” by Jacques Barzun. I feel that it has a very astute observation that civilization goes through cycles where primitivism keeps on popping up. I think it needs to be fought, it serves no useful purpose.

  • Success

    I see how successful other people are in getting a decent living around me and do wish I was more healthy and lucky, I also worry that my German heritage is getting me excluded from groups but I am just not informed about it, so I have no proof, just suspicion.

  • Smoking

    I personally don’t worry much about the health issues of cigarettes, probably because I am addicted out of my mind, but it is so ridiculously expensive. I am trying the patch and am having some success, the stronger meds are dangerous because they can interfere with my anti-psychotics.

  • To People Who Care About Me

    I have stopped drinking regularly, it’s become a thing I do as an occasion.

  • Impressive vs Useful

    People seem to lean towards rewarding outstanding performance more than utility, it’s not logical.

  • Artist Stars

    I really think MJ made some great records, but hustling and getting enough money to build a private amusement park is ridiculous. It’s the reason I am not too upset about big artists getting less money due to things like spotify. Especially when workers who are vital to the functioning of society get screwed over…

  • WWI

    I don’t really think anyone was better than anyone else in world war 1, there were just winners and losers. So if it isn’t about good vs. bad then I would choose the Kaiser, sue me. It was a stupid game war though so honestly it’s best to say they were all bad governments.

  • Average Racism

    I don’t subscribe to racism as having much to say about who people really are, but nonetheless some of these racists seem to be so unscientific about racism and using their guts and hearsay to profile people and categorize them based on race.

  • Guilty

    I do lie about liking or disliking things to friends and family to smooth relations. I don’t feel great about it and wonder if any of you folks are reading this and if you would be upset about it. It was a bit more intense when I was little and I played the peer-pressure game.…

  • Shadowrun

    I really want to play a Germanic Deity in a Shadowrun campaign. Not a twink, no character sheets for Deities! Maybe the Deity could be from an expanded Shadowrun specific Pantheon. I have bought some rule/source books, I am so in love with the Shadowrun universe, I have bias due to my exposure to it…

  • If I Weren’t Mentally Ill

    I would probably try and find employment with the bureaucracy at this stage in my life so I can get a steady decent income and respectable job. I wish bureaucracies had more steel when it comes to saying no to bad leadership decisions. They should have intelligent qualified leadership outside the publicly elected officials, since…

  • Multiculturalsim

    I do like having a variety of cultures readily available as opposed to all the same, even if it’s just for diverse cuisine. I have friends with different cultural backgrounds and I value that very highly, that wouldn’t be possible in a all-sizes fit one cultural approach.

  • Dad

    My Father mentioned something a few times about how people just come to Calgary from all over the world make a bunch of money and just leave. It is rude, I admit that I have had similar thoughts and have tried to move to Vienna though and now I feel like I should give back…

  • Jan Böhmermann

    Is this the middle ages? A ruler trying to punish a Jester? We should really be beyond this.

  • Living Standards

    I think that with higher living standards it is possible to be kinder to the populace than previously if you find yourself in control when trying to get the economy to thrive.

  • University Library Access

    I wish there a way to get that without having to jump through all the hoops so I could read academic material and base my works off of research. The research I have done as a student was really cool in terms of how well it functioned through online access, you just need credentials for…

  • I Have Barely Any Psychological Training

    But I am fairly sure that people can be ranked according on how and how easily they can be manipulated. I personally don’t really feel clean manipulating people too much, guess I am too much of a Gutmensch. I worry that lots of the highly intelligent are excessively cold, probably because of historical data and…

  • Regarding My Second Post On This Blog

    The laziness is subsiding, I am getting more energetic all the time. Mind you I am being proactive about it too, I have been guzzling coffee and doing other things to make me more active. I am also probably getting used to my current lifestyle.

  • Hidden Aristocracy

    I feel like there is a modern classified way to make forbidden palaces in plain sight. I should be a DM.

  • This Isn’t A Climate Change Denial Post

    But scientists are human, and they do make mistakes and some of them are frauds or turn out to be wrong.

  • The Porn Industry

    Since I have worries that the sex-trade is a form of slavery and people just do it to get by and prevents their actualization as humans, though I do think there are legitimate sex-addicts that do it for fun, I don’t like supporting the industry. I think it can be a light form of prostitution.

  • Yuck

    I have something in common with Hitler, I am probably a bad artist and maybe a bad political activist/wannabe politician. At least the cause I am in is different. Though I’d prefer to be a successful political scientist as opposed to a politician.

  • I Believe

    I am of the belief that bad circumstances make bad people, so socialist style taking care and educating of the bottom line should be a preventative measure against the kind of mass psychosis seen in the past that leads to atrocities.

  • Been Suffering

    My sleep and thought process has been a bit jumbled and erratic lately, had to clean up my twitter stream and deviantart page a bit. I hope it goes away, it’s pretty good as I write this.

  • Star Trek As Progressive Entertainment

    It has a message that we are working towards something better, even if we won’t live to see it, it inspires striving to be better. Also, when I was little I was very sheltered I find, and how am I going to find inspiration in the real world as a sheltered child?

  • Monitored

    Since I feel like I am being monitored, I sometimes try and provoke my watchers to come out and say hi. Mind you, that could be seen as an excuse for bad behavior. I mean I am “crazy” I wouldn’t be surprised if there are laws requiring monitoring when people like me live in the…

  • Even The Slightest Doubt

    If you even have a very slight feeling that something bigger is going on in our universe than what is observable I would always do what is kind to people. I would always bet on the forces of kindness and goodness. It’s the right decision even if you don’t believe in anything, it’s simple reciprocity,…

  • Cultural Assimilation

    The problem with assimilating cultures that contribute advance is that they won’t stop resisting. How much did Germany contribute as a bloodline to human advancement?

  • Treating Nobles Too Well

    It leads to revolt, people just can’t take it. Edit : Especially when they done fucked up.

  • Racial Interbreeding

    Clan breeding exclusivity and supremacism, it’s a bad way to breed humans, it gives us less diversity to defend ourselves against disease and other assailants.

  • Racism

    There is negative and positive racism, so it isn’t negative in itself, though it’s preferable to not have it, it’s volatile since it’s a potential source of conflict, I wonder if it can be reduced/eliminated.

  • Wealth

    Doesn’t really mean lots of money, happiness and security are worth more. Having enough money is nice though, a tip is nice too.

  • Spoils Of War

    I feel like I am a spoil of war due to my blood.

  • Pretending To Be A Magic User

    Never wise, if successful, people will ask for miracles and you’ll look a fool.

  • Pretending You Are Wise

    Shows that you think life is a game. I prefer to think it is not. Edit: Another feature of youth.

  • Gambling

    Can be foolish, it depends on whether you spend responsibly, it doesn’t really do anything for you though unless you win, and even then you might incite negative reaction if you win because it’s unearned.

  • War

    I prefer sports as an engine of motivation. That includes e-sports of course. E-sports are even less dangerous than traditional sports, so that’s even better. Then there is brand warfare, but that can be like inter-state warfare though, especially when corporations start thinking they are government.

  • Funny

    Time is money, and digital currency saves time. Edit: Also eliminating cash and requiring electronic currency is a good policy to deter crime, I read an article in wired about Sweden’s situation and their leading voice in the move away from cash to prevent criminal enterprise.

  • Bankers

    Non-Government banks shouldn’t control policy. I hear that’s a problem.

  • Schutzstaffel

    I do think that they are products of their environment, I say this because of people who are descended from SS soldiers. I don’t believe many people were born psychopaths. I am curious though. I am primarily concerned with leaders doing psychotic things. I worry that I might be descended from a member of the…

  • Libertarianism Sucks

    If you make government weak and small, the vacuum created will be filled by business management, which would make them government. And they don’t have a well made system that prevents them from making bad decisions. #Crowningfools

  • Hell

    No person should have to suffer eternal hellfire for a short lifetime of sin.

  • Something I Don’t Like About Our Lives As Humans

    Most people try to help, but we can end up suffering for it.

  • The Environment

    I am conserving water, one does get smelly though. 😦

  • Cartoons Vs. Live-Action

    I am not so sure it is wise to make people so easily venerable, especially when it comes to shallow entertainment.

  • I’ve Been Thinking About It

    I am more of a cosmopolitan than a son of any nation, I still like my heritage though and considering what my heritage is I am strangely proud, that’s due to my like of Individualism, or put psychologically my ego.

  • Entertainment Zones

    I wish it were easier/cheaper to get media from all nations, I am curious about nollywood and I am nostalgic for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies, I also like to hear different languages in film and prefer them with subtitles. It wouldn’t be that difficult to do, Itunes already has the ability to browse…

  • Google Glass

    If used responsibly Google Glass would be a great tool for journalists, filmmakers, and photographers, been a fan of the concept since I saw it in Transmetropolitan.

  • I Really Want To Try The Oculus Rift

    I am wondering if I can use it to escape like on a vacation, I remember having good experiences with early VR in he 90s. Kinda want to be environmentally friendly and reduce my carbon footprint, flying makes you worse than a combustion engine car driver.

  • The Brain Drain

    Social media; it’s a way to keep young academics from running away to the world’s power centers.

  • Medals

    They are pretty, but insulting, prefer to get paid/compensated.

  • Fanatic With An A-Bomb

    It’s a nightmare and sorry I do support military campaigns to prevent that from happening.

  • It’s A Shallow Reason

    I became infatuated with Germanic mythology because of Valkeries, mind you I was introduced to them with the “Valkyrie Profile” picture of them, since some of the old stories of them are gross. But it stuck, it’s my mind you know. I have a problem with the fact that I adore women, it’s not fair…

  • In Defense Of Royals

    This feels a bit weird, but I am revising my stance, people need heroes to function. I just wish we were more self-actualized to not need that, it’s a weakness that I am never quite comfortable with. And different kinds of people have different kinds of heroes. Also, elected heads of state and government end…

  • Peter The Great

    I like how Peter the Great supposedly disguised himself and mixed with the common folk. Being in charge and yet being able to go anywhere is cool. I do have to admit that I fantasize about ruling from the ground without all the required ceremony. I fantasize about a grand spectacle though too. I just…

  • Logic

    The thing about not having a cold logical mind is that we can be creative in interpreting art.The meaning is ultimately something everyone creates for themselves. It’s just I feel it’s potentially more dangerous.

  • 2500

    I have been throwing around the thought that we actually live in the future and I am in school not being told yet what year it is.

  • I Like Having 7-Eleven

    I am a customer (I am a night owl), but I do feel guilty about the hours they have to work. I have worked rotating day/night shifts in security and it’s not pleasant, though the place I was a guard at was nice and it was peaceful and I even had time to read while…

  • Besides Being Schizophrenic

    I am also somewhat lethargic, I consider it an illness.

  • Videobooks

    I don’t like being a snob and do generally enjoy video more than literature, it’s less work to consume. It has a lot of potential as edutainment. Edit: Video-Games even more so, because they make you feel like you are a part of the creation. More attention grabbing.

  • Being A Recipient Of Medical Wellfare

    I think basic income is a great idea, I find that I have time to pursue and work on what I want instead of being wage-enslaved. And from what I can gather experiments have been promising.

  • Now That We Are Wired

    People who are com-system dependent can be taken control/advantage of with false messages. Something a Luddite doesn’t have to worry about.

  • Ultimate Democracy

    Everybody would have to be informed properly and possess the capacity for intelligent educated judgment to have a useful democracy. Otherwise Hitler and other such nonsense is possible.

  • This Sounds Kinda Scary

    I feel it makes me like a Nazi-Scientist. The world is my lab. #Darkthoughts Edit: Political Science is scary.

  • My Ultimate Office Fantasy

    I want my office to be on a bullet train. My father would disapprove I think, he thinks it’s typical businessman. I can multitask though, I can enjoy the ride and do work.

  • Yet More Pronoid Thoughts

    I feel that men are mind-controlled by women and that women are secretly the master gender. Which is a silly thought it would appear, I mean they get treated like they are less than men and their work at home is taken for granted. I’m still a feminist, my reason triumphs over my more messed…

  • Excuses

    Humans have more capability for change than many admit, they just do what is comfortable and excuse bad behavior with the justification that it’s how they were made.

  • Just To Clarify

    These are just musings, if you like any of my ideas I strongly recommend you do research on the topic, I am just a student.

  • Having Children Is A Selfish Decision For Some People

    “I wasn’t asked to be made” is what comes to mind. But it’s human to have children so it’s also a basic human right. Edit: Personally I am glad I was created.

  • Getting Old And Losing Your Elders

    One thing I am curious about is how this affects how you are a person, you don’t have anyone looming over you, so you are more free. I just feel that it would make you very grumpy but more of an individual.

  • Bad News

    The novel “The White Plague” makes an excellent point about armed insurrection and terrorism in the modern world, we have members of elite now that can do terrible things to the populace. It’s extremely shitty.

  • Something About Maturing People That Is Dangerous

    Dumping people is a mean thing to do, but it can help some people grow.

  • Good Law

    Child protection laws are good, interference with their development is very bad for their proper maturation. I am talking about child predators. The problem with all this Individualism and “everyone is a beautiful” idealization is that it might encourage criminals to think it’s their right to commit a crime to protect their human rights.

  • Surveillance

    I worry that total surveillance and micro-management is the contemporary way of organizing society.

  • What Do You Think?

    Wanting to be really mature is childish, just a thought.

  • Thinking As Work

    It’s in many cases unpaid, lot’s of people numb themselves with mindless entertainment and leave the thinking to others. #Antiintellectualism

  • I Am Having Second Thoughts About My Novel

    If it is a success and I cash out I will become one of “those” people, this way I can stay on the ground level. I suppose I might be a workaholic that way.

  • Speaking Of Reductionism

    I think that university grading is extremely simple, especially in the humanities and arts, it’s not a measure of how well you know and apply your knowledge or what value your art has. I mean obviously in the trades, engineering, and physical sciences you can see how well someone does their work in terms of…

  • Since I Am Not Part Of A Corporation That I Know Of

    I would share most of the credit for my well-being with my family and friends. So that’s the corporation I would make rich if I got rich. You kinda have to give your dues to businesses to get by anyways. And government and laws are just usually taken for granted, hence taxes.

  • Tagesschau

    The cold-war era news on German television was so much more urgent and serious, the new style is so much more leisurely and stylish. I get nostalgic for the cold-war war reports, they had such a cold scientific edge to them. As a child it made the news more exciting, making me feel like I…

  • I Know There Are More Reasons

    What I don’t like about European nations that are against the E.U. is that it sometimes reeks of supremacism, I especially feel that the British and Russians think they are better than the rest of us and they don’t need to work together. Also, they will trade with the rest of Europe anyways, just with…

  • Dynamic Politics

    The obsession with static systems intended to be infallible is not useful, an acceptance of the potential dynamism of laws is useful, politics as a scalpel rather than a mallet. Edit: It’s a reason I really respect the Talmud. I don’t agree with the use of doctrine, especially when unnecessary (it is to be employed…

  • Reducing The Scale Of Celebrity Fame

    The internet is great for fighting the trend of uber-celebrities dominating the mediascape. You can have mini-celebrities on the local scale. Sharing is caring you know?

  • Pride As Part Of A Healthy Psychological Makeup

    It doesn’t hurt to be happy about who you are when wanting to be happy in general. It’s just dangerous when you start thinking you are better than other people, it can be a recipe for supremacism.

  • Honor Is Tricky

    The dishonorable have no problem taking advantage of the honorable. I wouldn’t say that giving up honor is the solution, just be very careful, though there is no such thing as a guarantee in life. Speaking of guarantees, my alienware is coming up on 6 years and is pretty much working like a charm, damn…

  • Mighting

    Some wisdom from Anime, young poor people with talent can be recruited and overpowered to do things that may seem appealing, but have negative consequences for their well-being. It’s kinda like being tricked into going to war.

  • Something I Have To Keep In Mind

    I do tend to want the world’s workings to conform to my ideal view. But it’s an imperfect world with imperfect solutions. Besides, a conception of perfection is subjective. I should learn to like complexity in human dishonesty when dealing with how we communicate, organize, and paint a picture of our world. I would have…

  • A Well Functioning Social Democracy Should Be The Ultimate Revolution Stopper

    If there are no large groups of poor then there is no need to revolt. If people are respected as humans with rights and a voice then there is no need for revolution.

  • Swatch Internet Time

    Should totally be everybody’s new time format, it’s so cool and useful. Besides, decimal is always the way to go. That is all. #Ifiruledtheworld

  • Ideally

    Individualism in a more ultimate form is a way to end war, if people are judged individually and not as statistics relevant to group targeting. Then it’s just cops and robbers.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    I have been dismayed previously about the low birthrate in the first world, but there was something I wasn’t considering, infant mortality is at an all time low. So now quantity isn’t as necessary and we have more time to invest into raising outstanding human beings. Mind you a shrinking population is still not desirable…

  • The Show "Vikings"

    There are many things I like about the show, but I primarily like its function as a class in appreciating we don’t live there anymore.

  • Subliminal Implants

    Due to the way I respond to certain people on first sight I am worried that I have subliminal implants, I wouldn’t be a hard target, I watch the screen like a screen-hound.

  • Delusions Of Grandeur

    I am paranoid about being bread in secret to continue my line. Thanks a lot “Dune”! Strangely enough my thoughts are positive about it.

  • Worries

    I have been worrying that there is some terrible secret that will make me look a fool for about the last hour or so, it’s not a very common worry for me, I wonder if it will join my repertoire of psychological unease. Mind you secrets also have a certain excitement attached to them, since…

  • Levelling The Playing Field

    Not being in the world’s power centers does suck if you are attracted to them, but the internet is valuable in being able to globalize the conversation about our future. So far and yet so near. If only IRC weren’t so dead these days, the internet was more of an international playground in some respects…

  • Spoiled

    I don’t know much about this, but I wonder how different people who have it really good respond to being spoiled in the sense of not giving a damn. #Eugenicsmakemequeasy

  • Child Soldiers?

    Honestly, I think that people often remain children beyond the legally determined dates that states have. The world is changed by child armies.

  • I Don’t Want To Live In This Reality Anymore

    People get punished for being themselves or they are at least tinkered with. Of course we wouldn’t have all these nice fruits of civilization if it weren’t so. Still blows. Especially when it’s a flaw that can’t be fixed. #Spartanbabies

  • More About Choice

    Forbidding drugs is insulting to human agency and is probably one of the reasons it doesn’t work very well. If someone wants to destroy themselves (referring to the nasty stuff here) it should be their right. It’s a medical problem if people are sick. A healthy person should want to maximize their potential and not…

  • The Stories That Make Us Go

    Before I had my first psychotic break I had much less of an appreciation of myths that make human psychology function. I am a bit swamped now though, I am longing for my more scientific cold assessment of our reality right now. Though as a permanent state I am no longer sure which is more…

  • Different Strokes

    In defense of fanatics, I am sure their devotion and love is appreciated by some some kinds of people/gods (if you believe in gods and all that). It’s just that fanatics have a bad rep as being violent and harmful.

  • Being A Fan

    I normally consider myself a fan of many things, but I think being an aficionado is better, I don’t like the root word of fan: fanatic. I like to think that I appreciate things in an critical way. I didn’t really consider the root word, fan had kinda crept into my vernacular and I am…

  • Isn’t It Weird?

    420 falls on Hitler’s birthday, I wonder if Hitler had smoked pot he would have turned out so angry? Ok maybe it isn’t so weird after all. #420

  • Zu Früh Gefreut?

    I think it would be tragic and comedic if history proves both sides in the cold war wrong.

  • As A Data Pirate

    If you can afford it, always buy! I feel good when I support businesses that I like with money. (I do wish that contemporary corporate culture didn’t distribute it so ridiculously unequally in many cases) I do my best, but I am below the local poverty line on disability support without any additional income and…

  • War In The Heavens

    I don’t really have proof of there being a higher realm that is related to our lives here on earth beyond what I have already mentioned. But I like to think that we are in the hanging in the balance of some kind of war between the gods, not original I admit, since I do…

  • Are We Viable As A Continued Presence In This Universe Beyond Our Biological Nature?

    I am thinking that the highly developed world people are becoming so unnatural that they have stopped breeding like regular humans. The reason that this is a simplification is that it takes away from the value of human agency being supreme over matters of biology.

  • Something That I Think Is Weird About Me

    I mourn in advance, it doesn’t really work perfectly though.

  • I Read Somewhere

    Nationality and Religion are just decorations and not at the core of one’s being. Probably depends on the person.

  • I Am Ashamed To Say It

    But spending money is fun.

  • Journalist Warrior

    The news is a weapon. Edit: It seems to me that everybody is in some kind of state of conflict, we are almost all at war with something. Though some get more close to traditional states of warfare, like when journalists go into war-zones and get harmed or killed.

  • Some Green Politics

    Greed is not good right now, we have limited resources and should therefore not be wasteful.

  • The Value Of Art

    Is your work valuable to anyone? Even yourself? Then it has value, so this argument of how good art is, is purely academic and aesthetic when dealing with the value of an individual. When monetary ambition comes into play, then those academic and aesthetic variables come into play.

  • About The European Union Being A Proto-Type

    Regional Supra-National Unions like the E.U. could still have a place in global federal government as an extra layer of government that aids integration. I wrote that it is useful as a proto-type because I was worried that the E.U. may fail and I was justifying it’s existence if it that failure comes to pass.…

  • Hail Everybody

    Individualism is a good movement, the full actualization of everybody should be a goal of any endeavor to improve our lives. Too bad about the criminal element though.

  • Culture

    Justifying inhumanity by using “cultural heritage” as a defense is wrong. Edit: I’d like to add religion to the list of wrong justifications.

  • The Primary Reason I Like "The Big Bang Theory"

    I live alone, and I get lonely. The characters on “The Big Bang Theory” are like having ersatzfriends to keep me company.

  • Buying People

    Even if you can’t be bought, maybe people in your circles can be bought.

  • My Life Without Star Trek

    I only read bits of the bible. As far as my life goes “Star Trek” was my good book. To mention a few things about me that it inspired me to adapt, would be, humaneness, education, and futurism/progressivism. Edit: And fighting the good fight.

  • Psyche

    I realize that something has been stolen from me that is part of a healthy psychological make-up. I have diminished sense of belonging being away from my people. It’s not such a huge deal to deal with, but it’s still bothersome. Edit: I feel like I have been extracted to be put into a petri…

  • Germanic-National

    I am a very democratic, very leftist, politically minded person. So it is definitely out of character to believe in Germanic-National movements, that I have mentioned I think are cool. It’s generally the domain of Neo-Nazis, and that’s upsetting for sure. It’s a struggle, I also like post national-concepts, so I am never at peace…

  • How I Nearly Became A Member Of The Austrian Military

    When I was seventeen I wanted to move back to Austria and claim my citizenship, due to the law I was entitled to Austrian Citizenship before I turned eighteen. But I was dealing with the consulate in Calgary and the application process took so many months that by the time everything was submitted I had…

  • Block Sized Government

    I think it would be cool to have tiny subdivisions of government. In residential areas, down to the block or similar size. It would revitalize people’s political interest, because it would give them influence where the major players that decide everything seem so far away. It would be cool if your neighbors were all involved…

  • More Conspiracy Crap

    I feel like facebook is an attempt at mass data-mining for the cause of counter-terrorism.

  • I Hate The Word "Loser"

    That’s right Trump, I’m looking at you! What’s the next step after that? Untermenschen? As much as I appreciate calling Trump a loser, like Elizabeth Warren did, I think the word is so degrading to human dignity and the first step down a slippery slope of judging people like race horses. And of course everyone…

  • As A Kraut

    This is just shameless self serving indulgence for my conscience, but if you go back far enough I am sure every tribe has wronged some other tribe over something. Just had to be a white guy in the neo-colonial era. The Dalai Lama is right when he says we should be humans first. I still…

  • The Limits Of The Monetary System

    You can pour all the trillions you want onto a problem, if the resources aren’t there then it’s a problem that can’t be solved with money. The reason I bring this up is that domestic/foreign aid can only go so far.

  • Twisted Matrix

    What if even-though the A.I. massive eventually exceeds us in many or all respects they kept us as their souls instead of hating us in some war? What do people think about literally becoming the ghost in the machine?

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